Velocity is the main character in Velocity: Dark Human Slayer. He is a velociraptor

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40 years has passed. Everything is aging, and so am I. I have given up hope for not only finally banishing the Dark Humans, but also... Finding my way home. However, there is still time to stop this. I am the Dark Human Slayer, I am... Velocity!

-Velocity, Season 5

40 years had passed since the last episode, a now aging Velocity had given up hope for saving the world from the Dark Human. He, Shunky and Elisha went from their separate ways years ago. As he aged, he had given up hope of returning to his home. He became more traumatized by the time he is aging.

Despite that fact he appears to be aging, he is still a skilled slayer.


Season 1-4Edit

He is a black Velociraptor who has a one-sleeved dark gray armor with red-long sleeve attached on it. He has a down arrow on his forehead, gray plates on his knees, blue eyes, black spikes on his tail, and has a special blade sword called "Dark Human Extinction".

Season 5Edit

Velocity has aged, but remained a bit young, he strongly resembles what he looked like in the first 4 seasons, but has a minor-damaged tail, a scar in his left eye, and a dark gray beard. However, he retained his youth in his revival in the series finale.

His original appearance prior to the series finale had appeared in flashbacks. His original appearance in flashbacks is basically the same as his appearance in the original, one change is that his eyes outline are removed.