The fourth season of Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer consisted of 18 episodes, like the three seasons.

The season premiere on November 6, 2002 and ended on March 5, 2003.


Chapter 55: Saving Elisha - Velocity must save Elisha when a mysterious group that dislikes Dark Humans wants to kill her.

  1. Chapter 56: White Order - Velocity finds himself in a icy prison by a group of polar bears called the White Order.
  2. Chapter 57: Shunky's Stories - Shunky tells 3 shorts as stories to the audience. (This is the only episode that received mixed reviews)
  3. Chapter 58: Velocity vs. Nancy - Velocity faces a Carrie-esque Dark human named Nancy, who is planning to kill a Gerbil kid.
  4. Chapter 59: Kristina Returns - Kristina returns to get her revenge on Velocity.
  5. Chapter 60: Prime the Slayer - A prequel episode how Cheif stopped Brimstone from trying to wipe out living things besides them for the first time. (The beginning of the episode was animated by TMS Entertainment)
  6. Chapter 61: Sky City - a Dark Human named Jack plans to destroy a city populated by birds, so Velocity must stop him.
  7. Chapter 62 : Magic - Velocity protects a magical Phoenix bird from a familiar Dark Human
  8. Chapter 63: Golden Weaver - A Dark Human named Jason heads after a mysterious dog who can turn straw into gold, so Velocity must protect him.
  9. Chapter 64: Velocity Vs. Brimstone - Velocity and Brimstone face off on a giant volcano. Meanwhile Elisha finds a ancient person who claims he can end the Dark Humans if they get Cheif's ancient armor.
  10. Chapter 65: Grimm's Assault- The ally to Elisha reveals he works for the Dark Humans and then he puts on the Armor and heads after Velocity.
  11. Chapter 66: The Baylee Problem - Fed up with Baylee, Brimstone kicks Baylee out of his team, and keeps annoying Velocity.
  12. Chapter 67: The Young Dark Human - Shunky finds a young Dark Human Velocity, and Elisha try warning him she works for Brimstone. Can they convince him that she is evil?
  13. Chapter 68: Three Female Dark Humans and a Triceratops -
  14. Chapter 69: Death Comes - A mysterious man named Death heads after Velocity, and he discovers he is a race of human the same race as Grimm.
  15. Chapter 70: The Story of Humans - (Is also pilot for the spin-off series The Human Race)
  16. Chapter 71: Velocity's last Stand - When Brimstone gets back from the dead again, and assaults a old mine, Velocity must beat him once for all.
  17. Chapter 72: Velocity and Hillary- Velocity gets stuck with a Dark Human named Hillary. (Series finale until Chapter 73: The Rise of the Slayer premeired in 2018)


  • Prior to the confirmation of the fifth season in June 2017 and the season airing in 2018, this was the final season.