The third season of Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer, like the two seasons, had 18 episodes.

The season premeired on November 30, 2001 and ended on March 29, 2002.


  1. Chapter 37: The Element Sword - Velocity learns a legend about the Element Sword guarded by the Apatosauruses, but Lexi plans to get it.
  2. Chapter 38: Velocity and the Angry Pterodaustros - Velocity finds a Pterodaustros which is very angry. So Velocity must stop it.
  3. Chapter 39: Dark Human War- Dark Humans begin a invasion on dinosaur village, discovering a strange weapon.
  4. Chapter 40: The Very Sad Past of Elisha - This is another Flashback episode about Elisha.
  5. Chapter 41: Velocity and... Lexi? - Lexi turned herself good, but Shunky suspects she is a mole. Then, Lexi turns bad again.
  6. Chapter 42: The Bear Code - Velocity and his friends must save a village of bears from a strong cyborgic Hulk-esque saber-tooth tiger
  7. Chapter 43: Dark City- Velocity discovers a Dark Human city in a another dimension.
  8. Chapter 44: The Fallen PT 1- Velocity finds a ancient race of other humans called Fallen which form a alliance with Dark Humans.
  9. Chapter 45: The Fallen PT 2- Velocity and his gang must attack the Fallen.
  10. Chapter 46: Operation: Prison Breakout - Velocity helps the monkies again when a masked criminal escaped so he must get him back in prison.
  11. Chapter 47: The Burning Match - Velocity stumbles across a burning snake spirit.
  12. Chapter 48: Claws of the Black Dragon- Shunky got poisoned so Velocity must find the cure which is the claws of a Black Dragon.
  13. Chapter 49: The Golden City- Shunky goes to find the Golden City by himself to prove Velocity he is brave, but a Dark Human named Delaney captures him, so Velocity must save him.
  14. Chapter 50: Shadow Storm- Velocity discovers a shadow storm caused by the Loch Shadow Monster.
  15. Chapter 51: The Curse of the Desert Eel - A ancient eel awakens that wants to challenge Velocity to a fight.
  16. Chapter 52: The Village of Ice Age - Velocity finds a Village where everything is made of ice. But he must protect it when a big threat heads after it.
  17. Chapter 53: Family - Shunky finds his brothers captured by a Dark Human Poacher named Bill.
  18. Chapter 54: Betrayal - Elisha accidentally betrays Velocity and Shunky.