The second season of Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer, like the first season, has 18 episodes.

The season premiered on December 15, 2000 and ended on April 6, 2001.


  1. Chapter 19: The Curse of Fire Hawk - Velocity and his new formed team find a ancient Hawk that claimed he knew Cheif. When the Fire Hawk calls vengeance Velocity must find a way to stop it.
  2. Chapter 20: Revenge of the Dark Humans - After months of not attacking Velocity and his friends, the Evil Humans starts attacking him again.
  3. Chapter 21: Order of the Shadow - Velocity learns from Elisha that the Dark Humans have a cult of ninjas.
  4. Chapter 22: 2 Birds, 1 Stone - Velocity discovers a giant stone monster controlled by two evil birds.
  5. Chapter 23: Legend of the Dark Sword - Velocity learns about a ancient sword crafted by old humans. So Brimestone is after it.
  6. Chapter 24: The City of the Brontosaurus - Velocity encounters a city full on Brontosauruses, but a mysterious Dark Human named Kristina is in the city too.
  7. Chapter 25: The Underwater City Legend - Velocity finds a hidden underwater city controlled by a evil dolphin
  8. Chapter 26: Rise of Pandas - Velocity enters a panda village, where he must save it from a evil Flint Golem.
  9. Chapter 27: Endgame - Velocity is challenged to a high stakes game by Brimstone for the fate of Elisha
  10. Chapter 28: Return - A couple months after the events of Endgame, Shunky convinces Velocity to return and save Elisha.
  11. Chapter 29: Codename Dark Elisha- While trying to save Elisha, Brimstone turns Elisha against Velocity. Can he free her from Brimstone's control?
  12. Chapter 30: Lost in the Cave - Velocity and his gang gets lost at a cave.
  13. Chapter 31: Velocity and the Bat Village - Velocity encounters a village full of Bats that are after Velocity, but they are hypnotized and cursed, so he must free them.
  14. Chapter 32: Brimstone's Origins - A prequel episode how Brimstone first existed.
  15. Chapter 33: The Tale of a Electricity Horse - Shunky decides to find a legendary horse made of lightning, but a Dark Human named Hannah tries to track him down.
  16. Chapter 34: The Stegosaurus Temple - Velocity finds a temple that once belonged to Stegosaurus but Malware attacks it.
  17. Chapter 35: Dark Elisha Returns PT. 1 -  Velocity and his gang encounter Dark Elisha again, but it turns out that Elisha got cloned before they freed her from the Dark Human's control. 
  18. Chapter 36: Dark Elisha Returns PT. 2- Velocity and his gang stumbles across the answer to stopping Dark Elisha.