Dark Humans are the human race that behave similar to humans, but are more darker than the normal humans.

Noticable Dark HumansEdit

  • Brimstone (all seasons)
  • Lexi (all seasons)
  • Malware (all seasons)
  • Elisha (ally) (all seasons)
  • Delaney (Season 3; Season 5)
  • Kristina (Season 2; Season 4; Season 5)
  • Lyndsey (Season 1; Season 5 (flashbacks))
  • Bill (Season 3; Season 5)
  • Jack (Season 4)
  • Nancy (redeemed/former villain/ally) (Season 4; Season 5)
  • Heather (Season 1; Season 5)
  • Katie (Season 1; Season 5)
  • Lagan (redeemed/former villain/ally) (Season 5)
  • Hillary (season 4, Season 5 (flashback))



The dark human looks like humans, but they have purple tear-line marks on each side. Their blood color is purple.

In Season 5, nothing major have changed for the Dark Humans, but they now have blood red tear-line marks instead of purple. Despite that and the new season's TV-14-V rating, their blood still remained purple. Interestingly, in flashbacks of the fifth season, their tear marks are still purple.


  • They don't age and evolve after they reach their teenage years.
    • According to Brimstone, it was revealed that, even though they can be killed, the Dark Human doesn't die of age.
    • This shows that Brimstone could be over 250 years old.
    • Strangely, he is the only Dark Human to shown to be a adult.
  • Velocity slaying them could be one of the reasons why some people can consider it to be adult animation although the series is aimed for kids (not for kids in Season 5, due to (not a lot of) graphic violence, dark themes and strong thematic elements)
  • All of their traits share similarities with normal humans.
    • For example, there are 3 skin colors of the Dark Humans (White, Mexican and Spiritual).
  • Prior to the fifth season, Elisha was the only Dark Human to be an ally.
    • Nancy actually did redeem in the end of the Season 3 episode Chapter 58: Velocity vs. Nancy, after Velocity saved her and Willie from the collapsing house. After that events, she have been friends with Willie and assisted people.
  • It is revealed that after living 30 years, the Dark Human's tear marks change from purple to blood red.
  • Jack and Hillary are the only Dark Humans not to return for the fifth season.